Ministry to the Military



Bishop Frank and Sue are appointed by the Church of God to serve as Directors of Veteran Services and as Regional Directors of Southern Command for Freedom Outreach/Ministry to the Military. They serve as missionaries to the Military Internationally., 318-331-3600, 757-879-0710s


Freedom Outreach – a ministry to the military (

We recognize the military and expatriate community make up a distinct group of persons from the larger population of most geographical locations. The fact they are far away from home, reflect wide cultural diversity and often have extensive experience dealing with hardship, make them exceptional candidates to form close knit action communities. We do not wish to form communities of isolation but rather link these special people with self-sustaining communities that help each other to grow and to make their local area and the world a better place. Freedom Outreach is a Ministry to the Military that serves and ministers to members of all branches of the uniformed military services and their families. In addition, the Organization regularly serves military veterans, expatriates, host country nationals and their families through a variety of both traditional and innovative methods. Services are currently delivered at diverse locations in the USA and in 17 different countries.


Retreats and training conferences are a vital part of Freedom Outreach, especially in overseas areas. These help to connect those stationed far from each other on foreign soil, as well as in the U.S., to other believers and expose them to excellent training, teaching, fellowship, and vibrant worship. Every effort is made to provide the best available program to make sure these events are deeply impactful to our military men and women and their families. In the United States Freedom Outreach is available to network with and provide resources to churches and para-church organizations located near U.S. Military facilities. Alumni from overseas centers, veterans, and active-duty military men and women assigned in the U.S., frequently will look for a church that is connected with the Freedom Outreach overseas. These are designated variously as “Military Contact and Military Outreach Church.”  

Frank is an Ordained Bishop in the Church of God with over 50 years of experience. 

After retiring from the US Army Frank and Sandra served 11 years as Center Directors. Their association with Church of God’s Ministry to the Military dates to 1970 when they were Pentecostal Fellowship leaders at the Larson Barracks Chapel in Kitzingen, Germany. They attended the Stuttgart CSC in the early 80’s and helped establish the Schwaebisch Gmuend CSC in 1984. They were directors of the Vilseck CSC from 1989-1995 and Kaiserslautern CSC (later known as KMC World Outreach Center and now as City Mission Kaiserslautern) 1999-2005. Additionally, Frank served as a Regional Director for Northern Germany and England and Belgium.

While stationed at Fort Gordon they were active members in Crawford Ave CoG (now called New Hope) and Martinez CoG (now called Stevens Creek). Frank completed MIP under Bishop Rich Bowen and received his ordination under Bishop Robert Moore (MTTM). They served for 2 years as associate pastors and director of the Christian school at Oak Park Church of God in Richmond, Indiana (1995-1997), and as associate pastor at West Nashville Church of God from 1997-1999. They served as the Family Ministries Director at Heritage Fellowship Church of God in Cleveland, Tennessee.

He currently serves on staff and the Church and Pastor’s Council at Greater Discipleship Center, Hampton, VA. 

Frank is a 20-year retired Army Vietnam Veteran.  In 1968 God called him to go to Vietnam to win “ONE” soul to serve Him.  He tells the story about the ONE soldier/servicemember whom God sent him to seek out and tell him about Jesus. Ron still serves the Lord today.

Sue has been praise and worship leader and has formed singing groups in each church she has attended serving the military community.  Sue sang in a traveling trio during the 70s and 80s in the Eastern part of the US.  She has hosted foreign students from many countries in their home over twenty years winning one student at a time.  She continues to communicate and witness to several of the students. 

Sue is founding member of 35 years, and Emeritus of Greater Discipleship Center Hampton, Va. formerly Cornerstone Fellowship Church of God.  She serves on the Church and Pastor’s Council. She is a 40-year civil servant for the US Government, and enjoys antique cars, especially mustangs.

Frank and Sue have served the Ministry to the Military a total of more than 90 years combined.  They have served as the Retreat/Warrior Connection Coordinators and hospitality team for many years overseas and stateside with their former spouses Jim and Sandra. Jim and Sue served as Fellowship Leaders in Hanau Germany in the early to mid 80s with coordination with Doug Elliott and Rev. Russel Ward.  Jim and Sue started Cornerstone Fellowship in Hampton, Va. With four military families and Pastors Gloria and Lee Ferguson.  After the sickness and deaths of their spouses, God placed them together to continue the work in the Ministry to the Military.  It was at a Warrior Connection Conference that God confirmed their call to work as a married couple to the military population. They first met in 1983 at a Ministry to the Military retreat in Berchtesgaden, Germany and both families crossed paths all these years through the military life.

They continue to enjoy gathering with their Ministry to the Military Family at every event possible and serving in any capacity needed.  They like Ministry to the Military so much so that they have two vehicles with license plates identifying MTTM.

They enjoy spending time with their five children and 23 grandchildren, and one great-grandchild.