Our Promise to you …

Greater Discipleship Center is a “come as you are” church … but you won’t leave like you came! Our desire is to help you fulfill God’s greater purpose in your life by coming to dwell in His greater presence and greater power.
While most visitors at a typical North American church are told what ministries the church offers and someone looks for ways to fit you into one of those ministries, we want to know what has God called you to do, and how and we help facilitate that? If you don’t know, we are happy to join you in prayerful discussion and counsel, which will include things such as spiritual gift inventories. 
Once the calling is identified, we will write down the vision God has given (Hab. 2). We then invest in ministerial training programs through our state and international headquarters, and we host our own School of Ministry in which anyone can get their Associates and Bachelor’s degrees in Biblical Studies and Church Leadership.
Rather than an invitation to “come join us,” we offer the invitation to come join Christ; be transformed by His power and presence, then step into His purpose for your life. By experiencing each in great measure, together we will share with the community the awesome love of our awesome God.